November 2, 2019

First, remember that there is NO REHEARSAL this Saturday, Nov. 9.

Rehearsal Notes:

Hey orchestra, GREAT rehearsal this Saturday!  We made some revealing recordings and I do wish we had time to listen to them all as a group (yes, even the one I said I would delete--maybe that will go on the deleted scenes "director's cut", haha).  That's an interesting exercise though, and I hope you found it helpful to hear yourselves.  The un-scrambled versus scrambled recording was a real.... HOOT!

Having listened to those recordings, some things jump out:

  • We sound great when we play in tune, which makes those moments where we are LESS in tune very prominent.  Keep working with your tuners individually!
  • Listening to each other.  Our two upcoming performances will be in VERY different acoustical spaces, so the one thing we can cling to from the Taylor Middle School gym to the Cibola High School auditorium stage is each other!!!!!  Please listen and move together as an ensemble.
  • Projection.  Even at the front of the room the most important parts of the music (often the melody or solos) are difficult to hear, even for such a sensitive microphone.  If you have a part marked "Solo", remember that the written dynamic merely tells you the volume of the accompaniment underneath you, not your individual volume.  You should be heard clearly regardless of that dynamic marking!  In almost all cases the solos could be played much louder.
  • Heroic playing.  Wow, we have some uber-talented people in our orchestra!  Sheesh, it really makes me think back to when I was a middle schooler, and I wonder what I was doing with my life.... Keep up that amazing work, y'all!  Flute 1 in 

We are lucky to have each other this year, and our remaining two rehearsals (yup, ONLY two left before our tour performance) will be bittersweet.  You could probably count on one hand the full runs of each of our five pieces we will get to play together ever again!  Sad, but at the same time very exciting!

Take care of yourselves and we'll see you on Nov. 16 and Nov. 23, then at Taylor Middle School on the morning of Dec. 5!

Mr. Corbin and Ms. Brasher



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