November 3, 2018

JO - Rehearsal Notes (11-3-18)

JO Students and Parents:

Practice Priority for the Week:

Be sure to give the hard sections of your music more attention than ever before!

As you do this, be sure to include:




Be sure to practice your JO music at least four times for at least 20 minutes per time. If at all possible, practice with a metronome!


Freedom Finale Majestic:         mm=88, Slightly faster: mm=96

Surprise Symphony                  Andante: mm=96, measure 41: mm=92, measure 63: mm=96

Barber of Seville                       Allegro vivo: mm=136, Coda: mm=144

Finale                                       mm=120

Polar Express                          Beginning: mm=112

                                                Measure 25: mm=78

                                                Measure 51: mm=144

                                                Measure 84: mm=100

                                                Measure 120: mm=92

                                                Measure 135: mm=136

We are looking for 10-14 students who are comfortable speaking in public! These students would be working with a partner to introduce the Junior Orchestra and announce each piece of music at our upcoming performances (the November School Tour and December concert). The students will be responsible for writing their own script. If you are interested, be sure to tell Mrs. Robertson or Mr. Austell when you arrive next Saturday and which piece you would like to introduce (or whether you would like to introduce the Orchestra).

See you next week!

Thank you in advance for arriving at the AYS Building by 8:45

Be sure to have your instrument, music, pencil, and a tuner (if you own one)

Mrs. Robertson and Mr. Austell


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