November 3, 2018

Forgive me for the delay in getting these notes to you all.  I've just spent two solid days filming all the Albuquerque-area concert percussion auditions for Concert All-State, and in that bunch there were several Junior Symphony percussion alumni.  We wish them and all the high school band All-State auditionees who came to our building this week the best.

Two more!  We've got two more rehearsals at the AYS building before our first performance at Hoover MS on Thursday, Nov. 29, so attendance and focus is imperative this coming Saturday!

There will be lots of details regarding that performance at Hoover, including dress, report time, drop-off and pickup details and the like.  Please look for important Read and Heeds coming your way in the next few weeks.

To that end regarding missing a morning of school, students, as we discussed in rehearsal remember to speak proactively with your teachers and administrators about your absence on Thursday morning, Nov. 29.  While the details will come from Dr. Strong about exactly when you'll be done at Hoover, you can let your morning teachers know you will be gone and that you'd like to know what you can do to keep caught up in their classes.  They will appreciate your forward-thinking and maturity, and will be more willing to help you catch back up after missing classes for a great opportunity.  Our tour performance at Hoover is also a great way to spread a positive word about the Albuquerque Youth Symphony Program and to show just what a group of terrifically talented middle school musicians can do!

Some more literal Rehearsal Notes today would be to work on the faster sections of "Cross Creek", being sure to get the feeling of two big beats in each measure while playing the syncopated 8th note patterns.  With this piece, ALSO REMEMBER TO PRACTICE THE DYNAMICS.

Let's have a great rehearsal Saturday, and let's make sure we do everything in our power to finish strong!

Thanks, Junior Symphony!

Ms. Brasher and Mr. Corbin



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