November 7, 2015

Dear Parents,

Your child probably came home very tired today.  Everyone worked very hard in rehearsal and we were able to get a lot done.  These students are amazing.  They are very attentive and are such a joy to work with!  Every year I think that the students couldn’t be nicer and then the next year they are! Thank you for getting them to rehearsal on time!

Dear Students,

Thank you so much for your attention today!  We made a lot of progress on the music today!  We worked on playing dynamics today, so do not forget to incorporate them in your practice.  Remember, we have only 2 rehearsals left and then we have the school tour.  So continue to practice any spots that are still not perfect!

As part of our concert, we usually have student speakers introduce each of our pieces.  If you have any interest in doing some research on the composer and piece and are willing to write a short speech, please let Mr. Austell or Mrs. Robertson know by next week.  You will need to be able to speak loudly and clearly.  We will use the speakers for the school tour and the final concert.  If you would like to do it with a buddy, you can do that, too.  We will need a speaker to introduce the orchestra and each of the 6 pieces.

Suggestions for practice: 

“Ode to Joy” - I challenge you to memorize from #76 to the end!  Use the metronome to keep the beat steady.  Play all eighth notes short! (Strings should be off the string!  Quarter note = 112 mm. 
We worked on dynamics today – don’t forget to practice using the proper dynamics!  And check your key signature – NO C#’s or F#’s in the strings!  Violins – put your 1st finger on the “E” string next to the nut for a good f natural!
Review #22 - #39.  Play very softly and accurately!

“Glorioso” – First violins – you need to practice the 2nd position spots using a big sound.
Everyone – play with a big sound and nice accents.  Don’t forget about the crescendos and decrescendos.  Practice with a metronome at a quarter note – 140 mm.

“Pachelbel’s Canon” – This piece was much better today.  You are starting to play it very nicely, however everything is one dynamic – Forte.  When you practice this week, please pay attention to the dynamics.

“Cumberland Cross” - Make sure that every note in the slower parts is played smoothly and beautifully.   On the fast part, make sure you are playing all the accents that are on the 1st  note of very measure!  This will kick off the sixteenth notes.

“Abduction” - This piece must be much lighter.  The dynamics need to be more exaggerated.  Strings – use less bow and play off the string at the balance point, Violin A – m.72 and m,73 – play quarter notes on the beat:  g a g a / g a g a /
A Violins – practice from 50 – 66 and from m.101 – m.109, making sure that you play the correct dynamics.  Play Bb’s and Eb’s with a nice low fourth finger in m. 54 and M.61.  and  m. 101 and m,109.  M. 113,

“Barcarolle” - Spot rehearse with the metronome.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Robertson & Mr. Austell


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