October 17, 2015

JS Students and Parents,

From Mr. Corbin: Orchestra, I am very impressed!  Maybe it’s being apart for two weeks, but I was very pleased with our progress especially on “Nutcracker”.  We didn’t play “Hava Nagila” today, but remember that we want this (our last piece on the program) to really move along.  Wind soloists please play out even more!

I think it’s time we make a recording of ourselves playing our pieces, so we can listen back and see where we need to direct our work in our last five rehearsals.  I’ll bring a recording device and some nice microphones, and through this activity we’ll get to practice “performing” our music.  Afterwards I’d like to listen back to our playing so you can hear what we sound like as a group; hopefully the process will be enlightening but also informative!  And don’t worry, Mr. Armerding and I aren’t going to print bootleg copies and sell them on the street for cash—just for our own learning purposes and in the name of making our performances on Dec. 3rd and 6th the best they can be.

We have one more sectional rehearsal this semester, so if you feel moved, please bring a card or small token of appreciation for your sectional coach on Oct. 31 (Halloween).  It needn’t be fancy, but just some show of thanks for what they’ve done for you as a musician.  We hope the knowledge they’ve given you will last you a lifetime!

Speaking of Halloween, we are hoping to have some kind of “costume contest” at some point during or following the Oct. 31 rehearsal.  Stay tuned for more details, but in the meantime, think of a great costume to wear to rehearsal!!!!

From Mr. Armerding:  I was also impressed this morning – perhaps especially with “Locomotive”, and I want to commend the winds for all the great playing they are doing on that song!  Villanesca has also come a long way, and I think it will give our audience a really nice, warm feeling at our performances.

We have a ways to go with the Scherzo, but I also heard a lot of progress on that.  I encourage everyone to practice counting the rests in their music in between the places where they play, so that we get a sense of the flow of the entire piece and how we fit into it.

I think Mr. Corbin’s idea of recording and listening is wonderful, and I know it will help us to hear the other sections more clearly and how our parts relate to them!  By the way, that is a good thing to do in your own practice as well – record yourself (these days most of us have devices that will do that :-) ), and then listen to your playing.  I know that can be very informative and revealing for myself, and very helpful for learning what really needs to improve.

Have a great week, and we’ll see you next Saturday!


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