October 17, 2015

Hello JO Students and Parents!

Students: You are really coming along on the music!  You are watching more and listening to each other – resulting in everyone playing better together. But of course in order for our progress to continue, it is important that you spend a little time each day practicing some part of the music.  There are still a few of you that do not know all the notes yet, so pick a spot that you are still having trouble with, whether it be the notes, the tempo, or the rhythm.  Practice that spot a few minutes every day.   As you practice, keep in mind the things that were talked about in rehearsal.  If there is a spot that you are unsure of, we would be glad to help you before the rehearsal.

This next Saturday we will work on “Glorioso”, “Cumberland Cross” and “The Abduction from the Seraglio Overture”.  We have not rehearsed these pieces in several weeks, so please look them over before rehearsal.

Make sure you bring a pencil to rehearsal.  We want you to mark the spots in the music that you should practice for the week.  It is also good to mark things in your music for you to remember such as “Slow Down”; “Watch the conductor”; “More Cresc.”; “Don’t Rush”;  “Faster”;  “Tempo Change”…..mark anything that will help you to play the music better.

The concert will be here before you know it!  We do not have many rehearsals left before our first school performance, so it is important to learn your music now.   The better you play all the notes, the more fun you will have playing in the orchestra.

So keep practicing!  You are all a joy to work with!

Mrs. Robertson and Mr. Austell


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