October 24, 2015

JS Students and Parents,

Thanks for a good recording session!  I think we all learned a little about how challenging recording can be, to play everything as perfect as you can.  Of course getting everyone to play everything completely perfect at the same time is the trick!  Your first “take” might have been better than your second, or you might have slipped in one passage while others nailed it, etc..  We all found at least a few parts of our program that we want to play with more confidence.  Most importantly the recordings will allow us to listen for where we need to work in our remaining rehearsals leading up to our two important performances on Dec. 3 (tour) and Dec. 6 (Eldorado HS).  We are possibly working towards posting the recordings online in a dropbox or something, so stay tuned.  With sectionals and the costume contest this Saturday we don’t know if we will do any in-rehearsal listening since it will involve bringing in some kind of stereo system, but we do want you to hear yourselves play!

BRAVO to AYO and AYS for two great concerts last Sunday night!  If you have the chance to support local live music please do so, and especially the other students in our program.  The Youth Guitar Orchestra performs on Nov. 13, the  Youth Concert Orchestra on Nov. 15 and the Chorus on Nov. 22.

We look very much forward to seeing you in your Halloween costumes Saturday!  Go Junior Symphony!!!!!

Mr. Armerding and Mr. Corbin


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