October 26, 2018

Good Morning YO!

A Read and Head has gone out, but in case you missed it, we DO, in fact, have rehearsal on Monday, November 5.  This will be our last rehearsal before our school concert at Rio Grande HS on November 8 so it will be an important one.  We are in the final stretch and I need everyone to put the finishing details on your part.  Any section I have asked you to circle in rehearsal, please make sure they are worked on and learned to the best of your ability and then some! 

1812- This is one of our most in-need pieces.  Intonation and rhythmic accuracy are big challenges.  I have spoken with many sections including horns and violins about pitch.  Please tune

         the spots mentioned in rehearsal.  Horns please learn the correct notes in measures 60-67.  Cellos and violas, I need more from you at 72.  All strings, pitch and rhythmic accuracy

         at 96,  All instruments with 16th note passages from 131-150 need to practice these spots.  Everyone- no dragging at 170, use a metronome for practice.

Bach- Cellos- Pitch and dynamics in the opening to 22 needs much practice.  Please tune this.  Harp- please mark eyeglasses for the last 2 measures.  Make sure you are with me on the

          downbeat of 42!  Everyone- Please work on pitch and long, unbroken phrases.

Carmen- This is in good shape.  Soloists continue working on your parts. Everyone- be sensitive to balance!

James Dean- Everyone- Pitch throughout needs work and attention in rehearsal.  Horns- Please spend adequate time tuning this.  Next rehearsal I would like to have both horns playing the

                    entire piece. 

Ironsides- Low Brass- tune the opening.  Sting Quartet- tune your solos at 51 and practice with metronome.  Everyone- In general, when you have 16th note passages, they are rushing. 

               Practice these spots with metronome.


Don't forget to dress up for the costume contest at Break next rehearsal.  I want to see some creativity!!!!  Remember, refreshments will be served and we will have gift cards for the top 3 costumes!

See you Monday!  Officers, please meet in the rehearsal hall for setup at 5pm.  Thank you all for your hard work, keep it up!


Mr. Upton


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