October, 26 2019

JO Rehearsal Notes for 10/26/2019

Parents: We have three rehearsals left before the school tour. This is
the time that the students should be perfecting the music and should be
working on the pieces daily with the metronome.

Students: We are not quite ready for performance yet, but we will be if
everyone takes time in the next few weeks to work on spots in the music
that are still bothering you. When you are practicing, think about the
things we talked about.

Intonation: Make sure that your instrument is in tune and really
listen to what you are playing! Adjust your pitch if it doesn’t sound like
it is in tune and play the passage again in tune.

Length of notes: Make sure you are giving the notes the proper
length. Complete all notes at the end of a phrase – do not cut off the
notes early. Practicing with the metronome will help you keep a steady

Dynamics: If you will take the time to highlight or circle spots in
the music that you keep missing.
Write in the music: The music is yours – make notes to yourself to
remember things you keep forgetting (things like accidentals, notes to
look up and watch conductor, play softer, don’t rush - anything that will
help you play better).

You all are very special and are making much progress. Thank you for
your cooperation in rehearsal! Practice well and see you next week!

Speakers: Please do your research and write speech so you can present it
in two weeks. You can include something about the composer, the piece –
when it written, history – what was it like in the composers day, how does
the piece make you feel? Talk slowly and loudly with articulation! Make
sure you DO NOT to let your voice drop at the end of every sentence! Be
able to pronounce correctly every word or name in your speech. Practice
your speech so it goes fluently at the concert.


Mrs. Robertson and Mr. Austell


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