October 31, 2015

Hello JO Students and Parents!

Parents:  Please have your student practice the music daily!  Just a few minutes on the spots they are having trouble with would be a great help!

Students:  We had a good rehearsal on Saturday, October 31st and we have finished our last sectional for the 1st semester.  We hope you have found the sectionals very helpful in learning the music. We have come a long way since the first rehearsal!

WE HAVE ONLY THREE REHEARSALS LEFT.  Please continue to practice your music, taking it to your private teacher if you have questions.  The better you know the notes, the more fun you will have playing in the orchestra.  Knowing the notes allows you to actually listen to other parts and watch the conductor better.  Be very careful to actually listen to yourself when you practice.  Are you playing with the correct phrasing, bowing, dynamics, and getting a good sound?.. – Don’t stand for any out of tune notes or bad sounds!  Be very careful to follow the bowings and breath marks indicated in your music. The last few rehearsals, we have asked that you mark reminders in your music to help you play better.   Strings – if you are still unsure of some of the music, Mrs. Robertson always gets to JO by 8:00 and would be glad to give you some extra help!  Just come early and we can work on some of the trouble spots.

Just a reminder – Practice with your metronome!  The following list indicates the tempos that you need for each piece:   GLORIOSO – Quarter Note = 140 mm / SERAGLIO – Quarter Note = 116 mm / PACHELBEL CANON – Quarter Note = 80 / BARCAROLLE – Dotted Quarter Note = 60 mm / CUMBERLAND – Slow Section – Quarter Note = 60 mm ;  Fast Section – Quarter Note = 100 mm / ODE TO JOY – Quarter Note = 112 mm.

We will rehearse each of the pieces on Saturday, November 7th, so please be EXTRA prepared and let’s have fun playing beautiful music together!

Mrs. Robertson & Mr. Austell


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