October 6, 2018

Happy Balloon Fiesta, everyone!  What a great time of year this is, with the chile roasting, crisp morning temperatures and Albuquerque at its best.... Please use this coming weekend to enjoy all that is unique to New Mexico--after you practice, of course!


  • FIVE REHEARSALS REMAIN!  But remember that we don't have rehearsal this Saturday, October 13.  Do enjoy your Fall Break, but be sure to use that time wisely, especially knowing we have only five rehearsals before our first public performance (Rio Rancho MS, lots of specific information to follow).

  • Thanks for your terrific luminaria work!  It's amazing to think that we already have orders for 5000 luminarias, and I can't wait to see our work all around the city come the holiday season.


Thank you for being the terrific musicians you all are for Ms. Siverson in the second half of rehearsal.  She sent me a text saying how impressed she was with your musical maturity, and thanked you for working hard and focusing.  Way to make a positive first impression, orchestra!

Specific notes:

  1. COPLAND: During any lyrical parts of our music, but especially in "Corral Nocturne", please make sure you have a solid internal pulse and that you are playing your rhythms right in time.  The sound should be legato, but your fingerings/slides/sticks should execute as if playing staccato.  Keeping those two ideas balanced are what make musicians better thinkers!

  2. STROMMEN: Listen carefully to your part in this recording, paying special attention to the feel of this recording of "Cross Creek": https://www.jwpepper.com/sheet-music/media-player.jsp?&type=audio&produc...

  3. CONCERT ORDER and ENDURANCE: The concert order is set: Tchaikovsky, Kerr, Copland, Strommen, Ukrainian and Rimsky-Korsakov.  So, challenge yourself to run your own concert and make sure you can stay focused and energized all the way to the end.  To that end, be playing every day so our performances in November and December will have a great sound all the way through.  Brass players especially, but everyone should not only practice the physical demand of playing our songs back-to-back but be ready to mentally shift styles and techniques based on the concert order.

Take care, everyone, and happy Balloon Fiesta!

Mr. Corbin



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