PSO Wed. Aug. 30th

Hello Prep String Families:

Welcome to our new members, and welcome back to our returning members!
We are so happy to have you on board. Thank you all for going through the protocols with myself, Ms. Siverson, and Dr. Strong. It is important to have a median of understanding of expectations and I can assure you, we will get right to rehearsing next week and the weeks to come! Anyway, we appreciate your enthusiasm and willingness to begin, or continue this orchestral journey!

I will write the assignment each week as I write it on the white board for them to copy in on their assignment chart. I will then sort of 'translate' the assignment into laymen's terms. And as stated before, students will never be responsible for preparing music that has not first been covered in class. However, some may find some challenges in certain sections that others might not, so it is important for each student to be able to ascertain their levels of abilities with their private teachers by sharing with them at least for the onset, the music that has been covered so all can get a sense of the parameters.

Students will be seated in various orders, from front to back and as is the case with the violins, either first second or third parts. Students will get a chance to move according to the designation of their nametag which is to be handed in after break each week.

We will be covering some 'basics' that are printed on the gold sheet, by reading a few each week to familiarize them with procedures inherent in all most orchestra programs.

8/30: D Maj "C" 1-9 A,B,D,E
today we covered the D Major scale and "Chopsticks" parts A,B,D,E
Violins and Violas have A B only
Cellos have A D (do not need to do E)
basses have A E (do not need to do D)

As expected we covered very little, but it was a good start nonetheless!
Please stay in touch and let me know how I can help you and/or your child be successful in this wonderful endeavor. I have been playing professionally for nearly 50 years, and it is quite the adventure always!

I promise my notes won't always be nearly this long!
But, we could use 2 or 3 parent managers. Really easy job, and our rehearsal is only half as long as all of the others, so that helps! Please consider helping us!
Thank you for growing wonderful children; they will save the world.
Ms. V


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