Rehearsal Notes 10/20/2018

Junior Symphony Rehearsal


It was so good to see all of you for rehearsal on Saturday! It is hard to believe that we only have four rehearsals left for this semester! Each of our remaining rehearsals needs to be attended by everyone (especially to work on the new Ukrainian Bell Carol “Transiberian” style) and each student needs to be fully prepared to rehearse each one of the pieces. We will be moving on to more in-depth musical components as we get closer to the concert, pulling us away from basics such as note and rhythm learning. That will require each student to have learned not only their part but how their part fits in with the rest of the orchestra and the music as a whole.


As you practice, be sure to spend most of your time with the metronome, focusing on rhythmic accuracy and tempo consistency. Rhythm and tempo are somewhat of a struggle with this group, so be sure that YOU are confident in your ability to play the music by practicing with a metronome every chance you get.


Listen to a recording of Cross Creek while following along in your music, even though you may not find a recording of the same arrangement that we are working on. The most common that Ms. Brasher has been able to find are band arrangements but will be beneficial to study nonetheless.


While practicing be sure to focus on:

1.) slow tempo to start off with for rhythm and note accuracy. For Cross Creek it may be helpful to count in 6 (eighth note gets the beat) instead of 2 (dotted quarter gets the beat). At least until you are comfortable with the rhythms.  2.) Dynamics- observe all of them and exaggerate. Ascending lines are emphasized with a crescendo; and descending lines decrescendo (most of the time, not including the brass section in Cross Creek where you take the whole orchestra in to the next section with that big, brass power).


Other Items to Work On...

Corral- intonation needs work.

Ukrainian- review the map and make sure you know exactly where to play and where you need to go in the music.


Concert Order:

Romeo and Juliet

The Quest

Corral Nocturne

Cross Creek





Have a wonderful week and we will see you on Saturday!

Ms. Brasher and Mr. Corbin



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