Rehearsal Notes for 10/30

Hello YCO families -

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I know it was a busy one for those involved with marching band, congratulations on your fantastic performances!

As always, I am looking foward to hearing the group on Wednesday.  We will work on all four tunes with an emphasis on reviewing and finishing up details on the Mendelsshon.  We are going to do another recording of the Tchaik' finale, last week's was a good start but there were just a few to many misses to make posting the recording worthwhile.  We are close, so don't despair!

Here is a link to the BBC orchestra performing the finale in 1986, take a listen to get an idea about style - specifically length of quarter notes:

Remember our practice mantra - A little goes a long way.  I know how busy all of you are, so getting in a little time on our tunes each day is a BIG DEAL!

Here are good practice tempos - Espana (Narro), 92  Bach, 100  Mendelsshon, 72  Tchaik' (fast section) 100.

See you on Wednesday!


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