Rehearsal Notes for 11/13

YCO Musicians -

Here are some notes from the last rehearsal - please make sure you read through and mark this in, it will save tons of time!

Espana Cani -

We were at quarter=112 last week, can we go a bit faster??

Trpt., Vln 2 - Slight crescendo in mea. 10

All - We need a bit more definition on the two sixteenth notes on the eighth/two sixteenth patterns that happen here and later in the tune.  Winds tongue a bit firmer/strings add a little more bow weight and play a little more toward the bridge.

All - The four sixteenth note groupings in your melodic moments can be brought out more, don't rush!  This is especiially true the lower the notes go!! 

'Cellos - Play upper notes in mea. 5 and similar measures.

Violin 1 - More crescendo in mea. 33

Flutes - Play measures 60-63 down an octave!

All - Mea. 84 (Coda), don't quit on those whole notes!  Keep your bow/air moving with good weight/support all the way to the release!

Bach Sinfonia -

 All - Put that metronome on at 72 with the eighth note sub-division and focus on those successive eighth note lines that we isolated last week (also in last week's rehearsal notes).

Mendelssohn -

All - Seriously, the best way you can be ready to make great music on this tune is to make sure your notes and rhythms are solid with the met at 72 (Same tempo as Bach).  Violins - practice your insert/music from 84 to the end and make sure those dotted eighth sixteenths are right with the pulse!

Tchaik' -

All - Beginning to A is conducted, one eye on me the other on the music!  B is in pulse, but slooow.  Bring out the Eighth notes!  B is 120!(?), : ).  

Vln 2 and Vla - don't forget to double the pizz notes!

All Strings - At E more accent on the quarter note, dig in and re-take quick!

'Cello Bass - at F loud pizz, especially as you descend.

Winds - No breath going into K, stagger breathe and give a slight crescendo.

All - Dynamics into O, start softer and dont' get too big too soon.

Sixteenth run folks in mea. 117-118 - Wait for beat two (rest) to happen before you start the run.  Remember, the first note needs to be the biggest!

All - The repeat is good at S.

All - U to the end, remember... Tchiakovsky was Russian....

All - Watch carefully on the last three notes, release together!!


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