Rehearsal Notes

Junior Symphony

Rehearsal Notes 4/6/2019




Here are some things to work on before our final rehearsal.


Italian Folk Festival           Other than some final touches with notes and rhythms, spend some time on making the differences in dynamics super obvious and the tone and tempo change in the middle section smooth as well. Remember to count through the rests and make sure you are not adding an extra measure leading into the Andante section at measure 60.


Brahms      Brass- be sure to practice with the articulation that Mr. Corbin had worked on with you during rehearsal. Violins- the pitches and rhythm around letter F were not entirely accurate, please spend some time on that section. Everyone- work on dynamic contrast throughout the entire piece.


Postlude      Count and watch like crazy! Practice with the metronome on at all times, taking it in small chunks at a time. Also spend time playing or following along with the recording. There are a few places where the violins and cellos are dropping out almost entirely- aim for the notes that are on the beat. Find a landmark that will help you stay on track.


Bacchanale        The crescendo/decrescendo sequences need to be exaggerated and the fast sections need some note work. Watch for the accelerando at the end- the tempo that we took is what we want to happen at the concert.


Star Wars             Bassoon, trombone, timpani, cello, and bass- continue to work on rhythmic accuracy in measures 4-12. Everyone needs to be working on tone quality as well.


The Beatles             This piece is really coming along! While it is improving, there are still some bowing issues in the strings- mark in as many bowing as necessary. All students need to be careful that the melody is not being covered. Cello- the outside players of the first four stands will now be playing the clarinet cues at the beginning of “Sixty-four” in order for the musical line to be heard.



Raffle tickets and money are due April 13th so please do your best to sell as many as possible!

Our dress rehearsal is April 27th from 5:00 to 6:00 pm in Popejoy hall.


Have a wonderful week! We will see you Saturday!


Ms. Brasher and Mr. Corbin



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