Rehearsal Notes for 2/12 and some "Food" for Thought

Happy Sunday YCO familes -

Sectionals continue this week, we have two more!  I would like our wonderful coaches to focus on any tricky rhythms in our program, especially in "Procession of the Sardar", "Rosamunde" and the Beethoven 7/2nd.  Take a moment to look through those tunes and be ready to ask your coach about a specific measure and/or phrase you want to make better.  Good practice tempos for each tune - PoftheS:  90 to 100, Rosy:  90 to 100 for the Allegro section and 76 for the Beethoven, slower in the sixteenth note spots if needed.

I ran across the attached pdf image the other day and it reminded me that we are involved in music for so many great reasons.  For my young and talented students it is important that we take stock of all the great benefits of music education.  Not only for the opportunity for artistic expression, but also knowing that the skill-set you are developing will serve you well as you navigate the challenges of higher education and life beyond your academic pursuits.  I am grateful for the opportunity to guide your musical development knowing that all of you are headed toward great accomplishments both musically and beyond.  Just some "food for thought"!

I will send a recording link to the "Wonder Woman" sound track and we will spend some time on the second half of that along with "Sardar" and "Rosy" during the full portion of rehearsal on Wednesday.  Looking forward to hearing the group again!




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