Rehearsal Notes for 2/5 - Sectionals continue

Hello YCO Families -

I hope everyone enjoyed some warmer weather this weekend!  I am looking forward to continuing sectionals this week after the full orchestra portion of rehearsal, 6:30 to 7:30.  I will add the "Rosamunde" into the mix for the coaches, although I'm sure there is still plenty to do on Beethoven 7/2 and Procession of the Sardar.

As you prepare your parts use the following metronome settings - Beethoven, quarter = 76, Schubert/Rosamunde quarter = 76 at the beginning, quarter =  132 to 144 at mea. 32.  A good practice tempo for "Procession" would be 90 to 100 for the quarter note.  Don't hesitate to slow things down in the more technical sections involving the sixteenth note triplets.

Thanks for your indiviual work on these tunes, see you on Wednesday!



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