Rehearsal Notes 2.6.17

YO Notes 2.6.17 If you practice You get better If you get better You play with better players If you play with better players You play better music If you play better music You have more fun If you have more fun You want to practice more If you practice more You get better…. Chronicles: 145 to end Vln 1-183 check fingerings Clarinet-check intonation 2 before 129-137 Flute/Clarinet-176-182 Cello/Bass-accurate tuning 115-137 Trombone/Tuba-103-115 Montegues & Capulets: All Bassoon/Clarinet-Pick Up into 96-109 Everyone add triplet at end All brass check intonation throughout Choral Prelude: All Please do detail work throughout i.e. rhythm and intonation. Strings work on intonation, placement of grace notes and trills. Vln 1 iv position 3 before 6 Mendelssohn: All Have a wonderful weekend!!! See you Monday! Last night of sectionals!!!!! Mrs. Hill


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