Rehearsal Notes 3/23/2019

Junior Symphony


We had a lot of really great things happen during rehearsal today, let's keep up the good work! As mentioned, we have three regular rehearsals left until the dress rehearsal and concert in Popejoy Hall. Please make the most out of the little rehearsal time we have left by coming prepared- practice your part, listen to recordings, and by bring your instrument, music, and pencil to every rehearsal. As you noticed, this is the time to start working on details - dynamics,  intonation, etc. which you need to be doing at home as well. We spent a lot of time on the Brahms so that should be an indication that it needs some attention during your individual practice time. Everyone needs to take a look at all of the fast passages in Bacchanale, Star Wars, and Italian Festival and practice them slowly for note accuracy and bowing (for strings).

Postlude Rehearsal Letters- mark in your part! A is measure 8, B is measure 15, C is 22, D is 31, E is 39, F is 49, (then we skip a bunch of letters...) J is 60, K is 63, L is 75, and M is 84. 

Thanks for a great rehearsal and have a fantastic week!

Ms. Brasher and Mr. Corbin


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