Rehearsal Notes 3/30/2019

Junior Symphony


Good afternoon!


Here is an overview of what we worked on at rehearsal and what you should practice before next week.


Bacchanale     This piece did not go as well as it usually does, be sure to spend extra time this week listening and practicing.

Violin II- the entrance at measure 125 was missed several times, be sure to rest on beat one and enter two.


Postlude    There was a lot of rushing, be sure to hold back and count throughout the entire piece. As one of the most difficult pieces, it is very crucial that you watch the conductor as much as possible in order for us to stay together.

Cellists- work on the rhythm in measure 75 (the triplets should lead into the following beat, almost as an afterthought. Also, be sure that you are using the correct bowings- it never hurts to mark in a few bowings here and there. It is also important (for all string players) to follow the bow direction of the people sitting in front of you. That being said, people sitting in the first few stands must be sure to use the correct bowings at ALL times.


Brahms      Watch for tempo changes at the end of the piece. The Coda section will be conducted in 4 the entire time. Letter B should be played with a confident, clear sound- especially the G to C motif in the first violins.


Star Wars        Rhythmic accuracy starting in measure 4 needs work- practice slowly in four with the metronome. The “Across the Stars” section needs to be played with the most beautiful sound that you can produce and at a relatively slow tempo. No rushing. Enjoy each and every note. Remember to crescendo/sustain through the half notes.


Italian Folk Festival           There are several times in which the pick up into a repeated section is different than the first time- be sure that if it is an eighth note pick up that you are actually playing an eight note and not a dotted quarter. Usually, the repeat back will be an eighth note pick up. Also, watch carefully during the tempo changes into the middle section. There was an entire extra measure added going into the Andante section at measure 60.


The Beatles       All instruments that carry the melody at any point in this piece need to be certain that their rhythmic and note accuracy is as perfect as possible.  “Michelle” should be played with a romantic tone quality. Continue to listen to recordings of this arrangement and also the original version of the songs- they are timeless pieces of music! Violin I- do not get stuck at the tip of the bow in “Get Back” (check your bowings).


Additional notes: Move with the music. Breathe before entering. Music is a human activity and experience- it is only meaningful when there is emotion and connection to the music and audience.


Announcements:  Don’t forget to sell as many raffle tickets as you can! We want to spread the news about the AYS program and get as much support as we can to keep it growing!

Auditions are coming up in May, be sure to pick up the audition material and/or prepare your solos and scales. Do you have a friend who you think would enjoy being in the AYS program?? Invite them to audition!!


There are only two rehearsals left before our dress rehearsal in Popejoy Hall!! Everyone is an important part of every rehearsal!!


See you all next week!

Ms. Brasher and Mr. Corbin



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