Rehearsal Notes 3/9/2019

Junior Symphony

Thank you for another great rehearsal! Here are a few items to consider.

Continue listening to recordings and play along with them every so often.

Cello- look over mm. 51-54 in Star Wars- play on the beat only (so instead of playing two eight notes you will play one quarter, skipping over the second eighth note). 

All strings- bow direction issues should not be occurring at this point. Don't let the notes or difficulty of your part distract from playing the correct bowings, especially while practicing. 

Everyone- focus on specific parts in each piece of music that you know that you need to improve upon or that you did not do so well during rehearsal. Do not start at the beginning every time you practice, but pick three sections in each piece that need the most work and spend time on those for that practice section. Rehearsal is for working on all parts blending and fitting together, not for one section of the orchestra to practice playing the correct notes.

Have a wonderful week! Remember, no rehearsal this Saturday- giving you plenty of time for improvement!


Ms. Brasher and Mr. Corbin


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