Rehearsal Notes 8/17/2019

Junior Symphony

Our first Saturday rehearsal has already come and gone! Thank you all for being prompt, focused, and prepared, it really makes rehearsal run successfully. Our next rehearsal will begin with sectionals so all students need to go directly to their assigned sectional room to unpack and begin warming up. In order to make the most out of the sectionals, please prepare the music to the best of your ability and mark places where you need help or have questions. We only have a few rehearsals with these professional musicians so we want each one to count! Here are some suggestions to help you prepare for next Saturday.

Listen, listen, listen!         Listen to a recording of each piece of music while following along in your part. This will provide a better understanding of the rhythms, musical phrases, piece as a whole, and how your part fits in with all the others. The more familiar with the music you become, the better you will play!

Key signatures and rhythms    Some of the pieces have tricky key signatures and will require you to spend more time practicing scales than in the past, but it will help you play in tune so much better! String players, you will need to use various finger patterns that may not be familiar to you and often playing an open string is not an option. Seek help from your school orchestra teacher, private lesson teacher, and/or sectionals coach if you have any questions or concerns. There are also some challenging rhythms, but good news! They don't have to be played perfectly right away! It takes practice and patience to play accurately so begin by identifying two or three difficult rhythms and work on knocking them out one by one. Start by clapping or counting before trying the play the notes, rhythm, articulation, and dynamics all at the same time.

Thanks again for being awesome students! We look forward to seeing you next week!


Ms. Brasher and Mr. Corbin



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