Rehearsal Notes for 9/11

Good morning YCO families, happy Saturday!

Thanks to all our musicians for a solid start to sectionals.  I heard great work through the doors and we really appreciate the help from our sectional coaches.

For next week sectionals will continue with a focus on the Narro "España Cañi" and the Bach Sinfonia.  The full rehearsal will work on the Tchaik' finale and the Narro.

The best use of your practice time right now is too isolate the more challenging sections of Espana and the Sinfonia and practice them slowly with a metronome!   A few of you have told me that the counting in the Sinfonia is still a bit tricky - try setting your met to the quarter note value, approx. 138, and thinking of each measure in 4/4.  As you gain confidence and are able to speed things up you will begin to 'feel' the tune more in two.  Remember - RESPECT THE  PROCESS!  Be patient with yourself and know that every little bit of practice goes a long way.

For España Cañi a good practice tempo is 92 with the eighth note subdivision on.  As work on this, really focus on melody lines that have sixteenth notes and work to gain confidence playing those out.

Getting back to the concept of our PROCESS it is important for ALL of you to know that we are extremely grateful to you chose to share your musical talents with our orchestra.  We are entering a stage where small mistakes can cause frustration.  Musical artistry is very challenging to accomplish and all of us must be patient and forgiving learners as we take this journey together.

Don't forget to have some fun this weekend along with homework and practicing!



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