Rehearsal Notes 9/29/2018


Thank you for a good rehearsal, it is exciting to hear how things have improved now that sectionals are over. It takes a lot of work to put such complex pieces together and the progress that has been made so far is inspiring. There are only six rehearsals before the concert (crazy, huh?!) which brings us closer to the point where we need to be making final touches.

The standard practice methods are strongly encouraged: 1.) Intonation work, 2.) Fast passages practiced slowly with the metronome, and 3.) record yourself. All of these are vital to our success and the recording part is probably the least often used but is arguably the most educational (especially when you have been listening to recordings). 

The new piece that we sightread is not a challenging piece, once you get the feel for the hemiolas and time signature changes, but in order for it to be a nice addition to our program, you will need to become very familiar with the piece as a whole by listening to the recording several times. Although this recording is a band arrangement, it is still beneficial to listen to several times. Copy and paste this link in your browser or enter "Cross Creek by Carl Strommen" in the YouTube search bar.  

Keep up the good work and remember that each rehearsal requires the full attention and preparation of each member of the orchestra. Have a wonderful week and don't forget that luminarias are due this Saturday! Happy practicing!

Ms. Brasher and Mr. Corbin



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