Rehearsal Notes 9/8/2018

It was very good to see all of you at rehearsal! Hopefully, you all had a very restful Labor Day weekend and were able to spend extra time on the JS music. 

First, ALL MUSICIANS need to spend time listening to recordings of each of the pieces- especially The Quest. As one of the more challenging pieces, there are many accidentals, tricky rhythms, and fast passages which not only needs to be practiced SLOWLY with a METRONOME but listened to while following along in your own music. In doing this you will become more familiar with your part and the piece as a whole. Understanding the way your part fits in with the rest of the orchestra is incredibly beneficial and allows you to appreciate the composer's intentions and the role of the other instruments. 

There are a handful of accidentals in The Quest, Capriccio Espagnol and Romeo & Juliet that are not being observed. A note that is played without consideration of the accidental is a wrong note. By listening to the recordings you will be able to identify if you are making this mistake and should be able to correct it pretty easily. Another important practice tip is to record yourself playing- either audio or video- and review it with the music in front of you while taking notes and making comments for improvement. Or you could get together with other JS members and play for each other!

As always, thank you for a fantastic rehearsal and we will see you next week! 

Mr. Corbin and Ms. Brasher




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