Rehearsal Notes and String Chair Audition Info

Hello YO,

I hope you all had a great week off.  Reminder to string players that chair auditions are Monday, September 20.  More info on that below.  


In full rehearsal tomorrow we will work on the following:

7:45-8:15pm Tuning and Schubert beginning at m.49

8:15-8:45pm Romeo and Juliet beginning at m.29



There are a few students who still need to grab their luminaria bags.  Please don't forget to get them at rehearsal tomorrow!  They are due October 25.



(This concerns string seating auditions, so winds//percussion, feel free to disregard – wanted to keep you guys in the loop in case you were curious. Parents, feel free and help regardless of your child's instrument!) 


I wanted to share with you how string seating auditions will go this semester, since it will be a little different than how things have gone in the past. It will be a little new for everyone! Parents (parent managers and others who would like to help) – we could use several helpers that day to help with the seating tests. Let me know if you’d be interested, and I can give you more information! 


Firstly, and you’ll probably hear me say this often over the next weeks, but these seating auditions really shouldn’t be anything to stress out over. They’re a rather small part of the AYSP experience and your worth as a person or a musician should never be summed up in this or any audition situation. Let me be the first to say that whether you are first chair or last chair, you certainly have a lot to contribute to this ensemble (more than you may ever know). I do think, though, that the experience of seating auditions does have some benefits, including focusing your practicing on a couple difficult or characteristic passages and just giving the experience of playing for stakes, however small those stakes may be. Auditions can be challenging, especially for young musicians, and while there certainly isn’t an end-all cure for nerves, often times simply racking up performance experiences can build up a sort of immunity!  


Next, for the day’s rehearsal structure (September 20). This is something that’s different for everyone.  We will be holding a typical full rehearsal that evening, with parent volunteers and/or staff pulling a few students (maybe 4-ish) at a time to wait outside the audition room, do the audition, and then come back to the group. You’ll only have a few minutes of downtime, and likewise, don’t plan on a 30-minute warm-up session right before you play either. Here’s the overall schedule of the evening: 


6:15-7:30 String Seating Auditions (ensemble in Castro Hall; string auditions in respective sectional rooms) 

7:30-7:45 Break (Lobby/Office)  



Finally, for the details of what to play and what the coaches/judges will be listening for. There will be two judges per section – one is the sectional coach you’ve been working with and one is an additional musician (usually a coach for one of the other groups). Auditions will be blind, so judges will have their backs to you and you’ll likely be assigned a number that a parent manager gives the judges so you won’t be announcing anything – just go in play, and leave.  


Spots: Audition spots will be announced on audition day.  I will ask the coaches to discuss likely spots in sectionals tomorrow evening, but expect them to be the more difficult/exposed passages in each piece.  You should prepare excerpts from our whole program.  Spots that you have worked on in sectionals are probably good excerpts to prepare.  




That should cover it!  See you soon!

Mr. Upton


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