Rehearsal Notes for Next Week - 8/21

Hello YCO! I hope everyone's first week back to school went smoothly. Now for some chill time over the weekend and some PRACTICE!

A couple of reminders about practicing - 1) A little bit consistently goes a long way. If you are having trouble with a particular passage don't get frustrated, it will come with time as your skills develop. 2) Using a metronome not only helps you develop good pulse, but you will be less likely to learn mistakes and you will SAVE TIME over the long haul. The saying "Practice makes Perfect" is not entirely true, "Practice makes PERMANENT" is more accurate.

Brandenburg Sinfonia - Work on Beginning to mea. 57. Don't let the 2/2 time signature confuse you, we will take it in four as we learn all the notes and rhythms. Go slow at first to build your technique: Set your met to 60 and add the eighth note subdivision. Remember notes get space around them in this style of music unless under a slur. Here is a link to a good recording of this -

España Cañi - Work on Beginning to mea. 58. We'll be going through melodies on Wednesday, so be ready to play out! A learning tempo for practice is 84 (quarter note) with the eighth note subdivision.

We'll be adding keys to our function chorales, so review your C, G, F and B flat scales. I will have a notated version in C major for anyone that is still just a bit lost, : ) Thanks for your work, looking forward to hearing everyone again on Wednesday at 6:30!


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