Rehearsal Notes for Rehearsal on 8/28

Hello YCO familes -

I hope everyone has enjoyed a nice weekend and is rested and ready for another great week.  Rehearsal last week was very strong!  Remember, we are starting secitonals this week.  

Here is the schedule - Sectionals from 6:30 to 8:00, 15 minute transition/break, Full rehearsal from 8:15 to 9:15.  Be sure to bring pencils, your coaches will be asking you to mark in a bunch of really important information.

As we progress through learning notes and rhythms for the tunes please "RESPECT THE PROCESS"!  That is to say - be patient and diligent with practicing the music at slower tempos with your metronome.  This approach is a huge time saver and will help us get to the "funner" parts of making music as an orchestra sooner.

For the Bach this week, if you feel confident with the beginning to 57, add to measure 75.  I had the met on Half = 75 with the subdivision on the quarter note at rehearsal last week.

For España - Keep the met at 90 and add to mea. 79 if you feel confident with notes and rhtyms up to mea. 58.  Remember - faster bow/air over the four sixteenth note groupings, bring them out!  Here is a link to a decent live performance -

For the Tchaik' finale - Work on A to B with the met on 60.  Bow/articulate the eighth notes a bit stronger than the quarter notes.  If you would like to look ahead, B to H with the met on 96 with the eighth note subdivision on.

Best wishes to all for a great start to the week, looking forward to hearing everyone on Wednesday!



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