Rehearsal Notes for Rehearsal on 9/25, Last September Rehearsal!

Hello YCO Families -

I hope everyone is enjoying a bit of cooler weather today!  This week's rehearsal will be our last sectional/full rehearsal schedule.  We will focus on Espana Cani and Nocturne in both the sectionals and the full rehearsal.

Attendance was great last week!  I was very pleased with our progress with the Bach "Sinfonia" and really enjoyed working with the brass in sectional.  Practice the Bach slow - quarter = 116 and work up.  "Slightly detaced" pretty much sums up the style of the tune, seperate notes!  Don't just play the parts you know, work on the tougher sections!  Remember, a little practice on a consistent basis goes a long way.  Don't get frustrated, move on to the next section.  You'll get it!  

Here is a link to the original Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 for strings which Back later used for Cantata 174, the basis for our version.  Listen for style and how they balance to the primary musical line -

The sectional coaches all tell me what a great group you are to work with, and I feel very much the same way.  As the ensemble "gells" I appreciate everyone's great attitudes and hard work.  Let's end September strong this week as we get more into the details of music making on our program.  Enjoy your Sunday, have a good start to the week (practicing especially) and I look forward to hearing you on Wednesday!


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