Rehearsal Wed. Apr. 15, '20

Hello again:

Thank you all for your participation in our Early Music Instrument Session with Mr. Sheinberg.  He and I talked on the phone afterwards and though we both agree, as do you all I'm sure, that we could have used more time, it was indeed a nice presentation.  Thank you one and all!

So we will plan to meet up next week for anyone who would like to share.  I will take suggestions from you all and play any part of any selection you would like to have me play!  My only disclaimer is that I will pay the cello parts on the viola!. So decide who of you wants me to play a part that you choose and I will do my best!

I am still available for individual times if you would like to arrange a coaching session with either the orchestra repertoire or any other piece and/or scale exercise.  I would also encourage each student to pursue ideas in composition along the lines of our first session with Mr. Sheinberg.  I would be happy to hear them during a one-on-one session as well!

It has been a fun time together but I will formally sign off after next week, only because that would officially be the last week before our pre-pandemic Popejoy Gala.  And I know from my own grandchildren's and their parents' experiences that their days are full, full, full of log on/log off times with all sorts of different media.  I invite you to keep in touch however you choose.  I am happy to join in a conversation with you and/or your student about practice ideas, coaching sessions on a piece that is being worked on with private teachers, or just to say hello and be in touch.  

Thank you all for arranging yet one more screen session each week for your child.  I love to see their faces, and know that the future will be in good hands!


Ms. V


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