Rehearsal Wed., Apr. 3, '19

Hello Prep "Stringers!" A terrific rehearsal all around, with lots of hard work and laughter too!

These young musicians are so wondrous on so many levels! We are quickly evolving into the 'big guys' as we: continue to finish this year.

Musicians will sit in Seating A until the concert. They had some time in two other seating charts which I hope gave many of them a feel of sitting in different areas within their groups. no longer need to wait for direction on whose music to use within the stand partnerships.Each pair can decide each week.

We will not have an announcement for Stars for teacher initials. Students can seek out Ms. Haneen or Ms. Anna to get a star either before rehearsal, or at break, but not after rehearsal is over.

We will not be reminded to have a pencil at their stand- one per person. If a pencil is needed and a student does not have one at his/her stand he/she will stand at the 'wall of shame' (actually the pink wall!0 as break starts for a whole minute (actually more like 30 seconds).

We fill out practice charts in more general terms since we have covered all of the aspects of the repertoire and are now hashing out details.

So --- there you have it... the care and feeding of the Preparatory Strings Orchestra. I am so proud of these musicians, and am already missing those who will say farewell and move on up the echelons. We will still be connected in music....

For those who will be returning, I will be counting on you to pave the way for a new and wonderful year next fall, but let's not get ahead of ourselves!

There is still so much to do!

VISITORS' DAY is next Wednesday. It would be wonderful if a friend in violin, viola or cello could be invited to come and listen for awhile to our rehearsal next week. It will give them a real opportunity to see what we're about and perhaps join us in the fall. Remember, they must be in 4th or 5th grade next year. Flyer will be uploaded again here.

TOUR DAY as you know, will be Thursday, April 25th. I will upload the flyer again for anyone who needs it. Only three more rehearsals left! Lots to do but so much fun to be able to work on all the musical aspects knowing these guys have worked on their notes and are allowing me to make the music with them. So great!

ASSIGNMENT: 4/3/19: No rhythm sheet this week. RAFFLE; remember to get those tickets in so we can win a pizza party! RMS; ST; MST; EOM; CC Those are our pieces and now it is up to each student to find the spots that make them queasy and fix them!

I would like to bring cookies on the last full rehearsal: THURSDAY APRIL 24th. Please advise me of any dietary needs on my email. gloria

Musically, Ms. V


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