Rehearsal Wed., Feb. 13, '19

Hello Prep String Families:

Everyone really worked hard today! We had several absent from illness.. I hope all get well soon, and everyone else can stay healthy during this difficult season!


RS 2 3,4
Rhythm Sheet page 2 lines 3 and 4 again... STILL working on how to stop the bow exactly on the right beat, and now working more on when to LOOK UP

CC 1-33
Cripple Creek measures 1-33
We covered more on this than last week which is why the numbers go back to the beginning. Lots on bow speed and how to 'Fiddle' and not use to much bow yet use energy
There is a tricky part coming that we just introduced measures 24 - 33 especially for violin.viola.
Will do more next rehearsal but it would be good for them to perhaps review the section with their teacher

ST 1-13
Streets of Thunder measures 1-13
Just starting this piece and will be the main working piece next week.

Thank you one and all.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Ms. V.


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