Rehearsal Wed., Feb. 27, '19

Hello Families:

Perfect attendance, and that means that everyone is healthy! (fingers crossed!)

We were back in A seating today so the students used the nametags to facilitate their old seating chart. I will keep them in A seating next rehearsal and then move them once again. For the Popejoy Hall gala there will be no change of seating but it is such good experience for them to play from different vantage points.

RS2 3,4,5
Rhythm Sheet page two lines 3,4,5 Working on accurate ENDING of the notes, not letting them just fade away but stopping them musically at exactly the right time

RMS 1 - 28 swing
Rock-a-my-Soul from the beginning through measure 28
Cello intonation was an issue... am cautioning them about care with their 4th fingers
Also working on 4th finger facility for the others... Use 4th fingers where marked, violins and violas!
Paired eighth notes will be played with "swing" unevenly: instead of ap-ple think Dooo-ah they grasped that right away

ST 4-44 beat = 136
The fast part begins at measure 4 and they have to KEEP FROM DRAGGING Will take some discipline but I suggest they practice SMALL 2-4 measure units with the metronome at 136
Need to be more mindful of dynamics... all are well marked
Violins 1,2 get to do a tremolo that we just started this week. Will do more next time

CC 1-46
Just sort of touched on it, ran out of time

Review at home:
Early One Morning
Mozart Sonata Theme

Working still on a venue for the Spring concert. Thank you to those who offered suggestions. I apologize that my AYSP email was down, actually in need of a new password, again! Ugh!
But I am up and running now.

Just between us big guys: I will have a substitute next week as I am called to help my daughter and her 4 kids with a schedule crunch. Her name is Erica Photaides and is a total gem of a teacher.
They will be in good hands, and I will be so jealous if they all decide to like her more than me! (wink!)

She will have lesson plans, and I will summarize to you after getting debriefed.
Thank you one and all!

Ms. V


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