Rehearsal Wed. Feb. 6, '19

Hello Prep String Families:

Students did well to find their new seating order without nametags, another skill set accomplished!
Three students still did not have pencils. Please help them to remember to put one in their bag or in the folder itself.
Several were ill this week again, and we wish them a speedy recovery!

RS2 3,4 Rhythm Sheet page 2 numbers 3 and 4
Please practice STOPPED BOWS before rests. They must stop right as the next beat of rest begins, and not lift. There are no bow lifts in these two exercises. Practice on open strings

EOM 25-33 *
Early One Morning measures 25-33 the * is added because there are some groups who have really tricky passages that were carefully reviewed today, but must be learned by next rehearsal.
In this case the two sections are the seconds and the thirds/violas (fondly called: "Three-olas!") so no more careful work on note reading now that we already did that.
Added some 'neato' dynamics so they need to practice their forte, piano and crescendo, decrescendo!

CC 9-22
Cripple Creek measures 9-22
This is a funny place to stop but I want them to practice the transition from 20 through 21, stopping at 22
We began working on the tricky bowing here. There is NO retake of bow between the last note of 19 and the first note after the rest of measure 20
This particular email might be best copied and given to your teacher, or forwarded to him/her. Pretty tricky, but we will work on it a lot next week too,.

MST review
Mozart Sonata Theme all parts.

PLEASE BE IN TOUCH if you know of a performance sight for us on Thursday morning April 25th. Last year we played at a lovely site and the residents just loved us! So if you know of someone in a retirement home with a large enough common room, we would love to perform our concert for them!

For now the chairs are not on the racks, so the kiddoes can put the materials away. Thanks, all you parents who have stepped in to help all these weeks! Am going to make sure the racks stay out!

Ms. V


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