Rehearsal Wed. Jan. 23, '19

Another perfect attendance. Wow!

We want to welcome Ms. Thomas on board as our second parent manager, together with Ms. Wilbur, will see that everything is running smoothly! Thank you, Ms. Thomas!

We began by being focused on sharing stands and had those who are sharing (there are three in this seating arrangement that use a single stand, but that will change), actually exchange seats with their partners so they could experience what their partners were seeing. It is important that sectional players learn the protocols and 'manners' of stand sharing and all seems to be working well.

PRACTICE CHARTS are really only a record of what was covered in rehearsal.
No student is ever responsible for any material that is not first presented in our orchestra.
Students are to be using the second side of their Practice chart even if there is space remaining on the first side. The stickers will be given for any initials from their teachers, fish this semester !!


RS p. 2 1,2
Translation: Second page of if Rhythm Studies with lines 1 and 2 together on D and A (tricky!)
Our rhythm and bow exercise was for learning to stop the bow at the end of the beat, and to maintain the discipline even when another group is playing a different rhythm on a different string.

MST A,B,C M 1-9
Translation: Mozart Sonata Theme all parts measures 1to 9with both parts: each instrument has two parts: violins and violas have A,B Cellos have A,C (C was penciled in and changed from B)
We worked a lot, lot, lot on the uneven bowing of two beats down bow and one beat up bow in 3/4 time. Full bow with long connected notes, WITHOUT pushing the up bow in a lumpy sound, hard!
Will take time, but we have the time!

EOM M. 1-25
Translation: Early One Morning Measures 1-25
Again lots on bowing: two beats down bow and two SEPARATED BEATS up bow. Tricky here too, and to make all the notes smooth and connected also
Counting is key with the rests
We worked on the C nat and F# for violins, violas and will work on this section again next week.

A cake of rosin, a pencil and a music folder was left at rehearsal. I will put the music folder in the PARENT OFFICE, the one with the window, which is always open during office hours.
Please call 875-1319 if you want to ensure the building is open to come pick up the left music. It will be in plain sight.
I will keep the rosin and pencil for next week.

Thank you everyone!
Ms. Velasco


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