Rehearsal Wed., Jan. 30, '19

Hello Prep String Families:

Rehearsal was slick today.  We had three absent due to illness and all three filled out the proper forms so I wasn't left wondering.  Thank you families, and Godspeed in getting well soon!

Covered today:


RS p.2 no 3

Translation:  Rhythm Sheet page 2 line number three  FOCUS:  stopping the bow at the exact correct time at the end of the beats.  A stopped bow is a silent bow!

EOM 25-33;  41- 49

Early One Morning  Measures 25-33  melody with a more Legato bow stroke.  There are no staccatos in this piece.  Pizzicato has to be very very precise using the 'birdbeak' plucking hold.

Birdbeak plucking means making a 'beak' with thumb and forefinger and using the thumb to balance on the fingerboard for pizzicato accuracy.

CC 1-9

Cripple Creek  measures 1 through 9

Style of this piece is 'way down country' with a solid 'sticky' bowstroke and lots of energy.  Using double stops in upper strings in the introduction means to concentrate on accuracy.

MST 25-33

Mozart Sonata Theme   measures 25-33


LOST AND FOUND:  Any item left, including music, will be placed in the Parent Volunteer Room which is the office with the window just off the lobby.  Items will be labeled Prep Strings and place on the desk directly under the window.


Stay well!

Ms. V


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