Rehearsal Wed., Mar. 20, '19

Hello PSO Families:

It was good to be back with such amazing young people! Lots of work got done as we head into the homestretch.
We played through all five pieces without stopping to fix or address any details, and by the end, all of us felt like we had just run a marathon! Or at least a half marathon!
We have lots of music- and so much of it is really in their fingers and in their heads, but we have lots of work ahead as well.


RS p2 no 6
Rhythm Sheet Page 2 line 6. Watch for the ending of the notes that are followed by rests. Feel the meter of 3/4
MST sigh:
Mozart Sonata Round: Students must watch the bow use: Two beats down and one beat up, regardless of the actual notes being played. Liken the motion to a human sigh "OUT- IN"
EOM style:
Early One Morning: A very plain articulation of 'detache' which simply means a detached bow stroke. There is a tendency to play the notes too staccato and accented.
CC Rhythm:
Cripple Creek: Keeping the bow going is the challenge here so the quarter notes and eighth notes are in tempo. Tends to slow down

So there are the first three of the five pieces and we will really focus on them next week.

The nametags did show up so we sat in the final seating arrangement today and that can be a little unsettling. I will ask them to sit there again for next week. It is SEAT C and I will have the charts available for reference but will probably not use the nametags. They have three seatings just to give them as broad an experience as possible of different locations and stand partners. But the instrumentation does not change second semester as I previously stated. Students are in first, second, or "three-ola" for the entire concert but every violinist should have had the opportunity of playing all three of the sections throughout this year.

THANKS TO DR. STRONG, our raffle tickets are loose in the community! Let's win the pizza/icecream party like we did last year! Woo Hoo!

And thank you to the parents and families who suggested locations for our spring tour. This will be ideal as it is the residence of Florence Winchester's Grandfather and I know it will be a fine afternoon!
DATE" Thursday April 25th
TIME: Report at 2:00 p.m.
CONCERT: 2:30 - 3:00 p.m.LOCATION: LA VIDA LLENA 10501 Lagrima de Oro NE 87111
PARKING DIRECTIONS; Park on road down hill from main entrance
ENTRY DIRECTIONS: Go left from main desk an wait in atrium for performance hall to be readied
BRING; Instrument and music stand, Each must bring a stand even if we end up sharing
WEAR: Program shirts
Please work with your private teachers if you have a lesson on Thursday afternoons, to see if an alternate time can be arranged for this one event.

See everyone next week,
Ms. V


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