Rehearsal Wed., Mar. 27, '19

Hello Prep Strings: We are definitely seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and no, it is not an oncoming train! These young musicians are really really getting their acts together! We are able to rehearse some techniques that I know will put them in good stead for a solid future of orchestra playing! Two memos are attached here: PREP STRINGS SPRING TOUR PSO OPEN REHEARSAL Please let me know if you have any questions about either one. I know the SPRING TOUR on APRIL 25th at LA VIDA LLENA is at a time different from what our Winter Tour was but I think for many, it will be easier. The hall we are to play in is booked solid every day from 8:00 - 2:00 with activities so there was little choice. I hope it will be okay. And please let me know if you need some wiggle room. The Activities Director is actually a violinist who played in APS but said she was never good enough to play in AYS! She is very capable and wants to make sure all runs smoothly so is encouraging students to not come any earlier than 2:00. We will have plenty of time to get arranged. There is even a 'green room' that is suitable for cases and gear so I know we can all attend to getting set up and ready on time. Thank you Ms. Mulvaney for introducing us to the site. It will be a pleasure to perform for Florence's grandfather! The OPEN REHEARSAL will be a good time for any friends in a Suzuki program or private lesson peers to come and 'check us out'. I know the other groups are having their visitations this week, but we will have ours APRIL 10th. Nothing is required from our Prep String members. We simply do what we do and let the visitors see what we're about. Assignment: 3/27: Raffle I had them write that at the beginning so all will know to get their raffle ticket money in on time. MST; EOM; CC all I'm sure you are getting familiar with the acronyms. We are at a point where the students need to play all the parts on these three pieces. We worked hard on them today. There are some tricky spots in all three pieces and many of them are in the 2nd and 3rd/viola lines. ST;RMS hard spots We didn't cover these today, but I can have them be accountable anyway because we have covered all of the spots in all of the five pieces. We will spend most of our rehearsal on these two selections next week. We are still working on Bow style, and bowing together with a uniform amount of bow speed, which determines how much bow everyone is using. It needs to match, like a marching parade! Watching! These guys literally know most of the passages by heart so I want them to stay connected with the group by looking up at me, and by doing that, seeing their colleagues and connecting with them. An ongoing challenge on all levels, I can tell you! Even for me! A cello student left a folder. I put it in the window of the office that is just past the gathering room easily seen. It can be picked up, but you might want to check if anyone is here by calling 875-1319 first. Several were absent, many who had spring break this week, but not all filled out the online form. If you haven't please do so and we can keep track with the administration that way. Our attendance has been absolutely excellent this year. I am so pleased with the level of dedication I see in the students and especially with the parents who are behind it all. Thank you! See you all next week! Ms. V.


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