September 11, 2021

Junior Symphony Rehearsal Notes

September 11, 2021


Nutcracker (Waltz of the Flowers only) 

  • Although we are in 1, it is slow. Put your metronome on quarter notes so you can feel the subdivisions. This is especially helpful when you have eighth notes. 

  • Strings, measure 53 is not as fast as you think.

  • A waltz is a type of ballroom dance. Make sure to play with a delicate sound, not heavy and aggressive.


Les Preludes

  • Measure 10- the ritardando starts on beat 3, not earlier.

  • Measure 11- this section is conducted in 4

  • Measure 40- this section is conducted in 2

  • Measure 83- eighth note stays the same, this section is conducted in 4

  • Tremolo- violins, change notes on the beat.


West Side Story

  • Measure 139- this section is conducted in 2

  • Measure 127- subito piano on beat 1. (Subito means suddenly)


Les Miserables 

We didn’t get to this piece today, so we will be looking at it next rehearsal


Other notes:

  • Bring a pencil to rehearsal!!

  • Sectionals continue next week- only 2 more left!!


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