September 15, 2018

Nice rehearsal today, and thanks for putting in some good practice time on your individual parts.  We all still have som individual parts to clarify, so continue to scour your music for any passages you don't know thoroughly or couldn't perform as a solo.  In some instances those passages actually ARE solos, but find them and make all your music sound GREAT!


Remember to do two things, as Ms. Brasher pointed out in rehearsal:

  1. Listen very carefully for intonation.  Those of you who already downloaded a tuning app onto a smart device, or who have a digital tuner, surprise yourself by playing some of your music while the tuner is on, then choose a stopping point (F-natural for string players, for example, C-sharp for winds), hold that note and THEN look at your tuner.... WOW!  As Spock from STAR TREK would say, "Fascinating."

  2. Play your part on the piano.  As Ms. Brasher pointed out it can really help you identify how your intervals should sound.  Transposing instruments (clarinets, trumpet, horns) will notice their notes not being in the "correct" key, but the intervalic relation will be correct, with that being the point of this exercise.  After doing that and getting those intevals in your ear, try singing it too in whatever octave is comfortable for you.  This is a GREAT way to combine numbers 1 and 2 together, allowing you to hear intonation AND intervalic relationship!


Remember that we have only one remaining sectional this semester!  Time flies when you're having fun (just like rehearsal today, when I looked up during our "Corral Nocturne" practice and realized it was already 11:30am!), and we have only one more chance to work as a section on our music.  These professionals have invested their time and experience into our musicianship, and we should be grateful to them for sharing their knowledge with us, helping us grow as performers and musicians.  Hopefully you have developed a great relationship with your coach; given our tightly-knit musical community, this Youth Symphony mentor/mentee rapport can and often does shift to professional, collegial relationships years down the road!  I regularly perform with my music teachers, and it's one of the things that makes Albuquerque special.  Please take a moment to thank your sectional coach for their encouragement and mentorship!


I highly recommend not waiting until the very end to fold your luminaria bags.  We've got THREE WEEKS left!  My son went through the program 7th-12th grade, and we as a family spent many Sunday afternoons watching football and folding bags.  Not a football fan?  You could even listen to YouTube clips of our pieces (or better yet, listen to the ORIGINAL versions of our pieces, except for the Copland, which IS the original) while you work.  The AYS Program thanks you for your help with this major community outreach, and it truly is amazing to realize AYS is responsible for bringing so much holiday cheer and beauty to Albuquerque come December!  Once you start, you'll get a good rhythm.... AND RHYTHM IS GREAT FOR MUSICIANS, RIGHT?!  Thanks for joining in an important AYS tradition.


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