September 16, 2017

Nice rehearsal today, orchestra!  I feel like we are starting to come together, mostly as individual sections that we've been rehearsing in for the last three rehearsals (in sectionals).  The trick will be putting that all together as an ensemble.  Again, LISTENING IS THE KEY.  Knowing how your part fits in, when it starts, writing any cues in to help you count correctly.... all these are things we absolutely need you to do before our next rehearsal (we have--drumroll--SEVEN left).

As a final note, remember that next week is our LAST sectional rehearsal.  If you'd like to get your sectional coach a nice card or at the very least, please remember to thank them for contributing to your success and knowledge as a musician.  That's a pretty priceless gift, so even just thanking them for sharing their time with you is what Mr. Armerding and I would appreciate as your conductors.


We need to break our music up into steps of success in order to make our first performance in seven rehearsals and on November 30 at LBJ Middle School a true success.  So here is what I propose:

  • Let's move "Berceuse and Finale" and "Antar Symphony" to the top of the practice list, and combined with "Millenium", we can rehearse them and then put them in the back of the folder after the rehearsal on 9/23, reviewing them occasionally leading up to the end of the semester.
  • Long-term, we need to spend individual practice time on "Poet and Peasant", "Choreo Primo" and "Danse Macabre".  Starting after sectionals end (9/23 is the last), we will spend lots of time working on these "big three".
  • "Chorale Prelude on Silent Night" will be worked in once the "big three" have come together better (no stops, no missed entrances, we "know how it goes" kinds of playings of them).
  • October 7 is the deadline for us to know our individual parts!

I would like to organize some "listening parties/luminaria bag folding" sessions.  As a group we would listen to the links Mr. Armerding posted in the August 26, 2017 Rehearsal Notes ( ).  Stay tuned for when those might be, but my guess would be either before or after rehearsal there at the AYSP Building.  I'll let you know at least one rehearsal in advance so you can arrange rides and remember to bring your unfolded bags.

Junior Symphony members, like Mr. Armerding said, there is no way to truly express in words what it feels like to see your four-day-old granddaughter... It's a little different, but the same could be said about getting to play music in a terrific orchestra with other outstanding musicians.  This is a special thing we're doing together, so remember to make the most of it while it is available to you!  We hope you will look back fondly on these days, even as you are older, holding your own grandchildren in your arms.... 

- Mr. Corbin


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