September 26, 2015

JS rehearsal notes from September 26, 2015

From Mr. Armerding:

First of all, we didn’t play Villanescas, Locomotive, or Hava Nagila, in full rehearsal this week, so be sure to review those pieces – we will play them this Saturday!

Scherzo: This week we primarily worked the second section, from 157 on, of course. Please look through that section and practice the melodic themes (quarter, dotted quarter, eighth, followed by different subsequent measures). Those are often very exposed melodies in the winds particularly, and come out of multiple bar rests in many cases. Everyone also practice speeding up from 211 to the Vivace at 219. Don’t forget the beginning section as well.

In general, remember what was worked on in sectionals! Those times of working more individually are very important to our success as an ensemble, and your personal work on the things the section leader talked about is crucial!


From Mr. Corbin:

A big assignment is LISTENING this week. We all know our individual passages that challenge us as performers, but now is the time to understand the whole, just like we’ve already done with “Celebration!”. YouTube the Dvorak Scherzo (maybe even listening to the entire symphony perhaps!), to “Nutcracker” for the right kind of style, and to “Villanesca” for a sense of how the stops and starts fit in the music.
Finally, Wynton Marsalis’ visit was SO inspiring, and a HUGE ‘thank you’ goes out to the donors who made that visit possible! Mr. Marsalis reminded us to CHOOSE to be great. CHOOSE to make the most of what you’ve been given, actively decide to invest yourself fully in everything you do…. maybe while you’re on YouTube check out Wynton Marsalis, both his playing and his American philosophy! Mr. Corbin will recite an important poem to this end—but you have to remember to ask.


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