September 26, 2015

Hi JO Students and Parents!

Parents: We now have had two sectionals on our music and the students are beginning to sound like an orchestra! they are playing better together because they are listening to each other, they are playing better in tune and they are beginning to play with a good sound.

Students: Thank you for your cooperation in sectionals. Your hard work on the Pachelbel Canon will really help our rehearsal run smoother next week. Be sure to continue to work on this piece, as it is very challenging and very beautiful. Each section leader was asked if you will be able to play this music as a section. They all said “yes”!!

We have two more pieces to work on in sectionals in two weeks: “Ode To Joy” and “Cumberland Cross”. Rather than starting at the beginning each time to practice, look for “tough” spots and set a goal for practice.

Suggested practice spots on “Ode to Joy”
Start with #22 (WW & Strings) – the counting is a bit tricky. Practice to #30.
#30 – #39 (All Winds and Strings) – this spot is similar to #27 but not quite the same!
#47 - #56 (All Winds) – there are several ties that occur over the measures. Be sure to count!
#76 – End – (All Strings and Winds) – practice slowly for notes. All eighth notes should be short and all the strings should play with a spiccato bow stroke (off the string)

Suggested practice spots on “Cumberland Cross”:
Start at #45. Practice slowly paying attention to all the accents and staccato notes. Strings should be at the LOWER part of the bow only and should play with energetic SHORT bow strokes! This is a fun piece to play and the tempo will be fast and lively. But you MUST practice slowly for articulation to be precise. Practice to #58.

Please review the “Pachelbel’s Canon” while it is fresh in you mind. Think of the things you were told in sectionals as you spot practice this piece!

You have been wonderful to work with. Keep practicing!! Have a good rest of your week! We look forward to seeing you next Saturday!

Mrs. Robertson & Mr. Austell


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