September 28th, 2019

Parents:  hopefully your students are practicing on the JO music and you are starting to see some improvement.  The Sleigh Ride was really sounding pretty good on Saturday. 


Students: Keep working on parts of the music that you are still unsure of; and remember if you need extra help, Mr. Austell and Mrs.Robertson are always at the rehearsal hall by 8:15 .

Make it a priority this week to perfect the second part of “Ode to Joy” and “Gavotte” .  Pick only the spots you aren’t yet able to play and work them out.  Don’t try to go from beginning to end.  Concentrate only on short spots.

Basses and Cello:  Be able to play the“Recitative “ by memory with the correct bow placement and bowings and the correct rhythm. 

Set goals for yourself and have good practice sessions!

Winds: Mr. Austell received a great report from Saturday's rehearsal/sectional. Thank you for working hard and making progress. Looking forward to another great rehearsal tomorrow morning.

Mrs. Robertson and Mr.Austell


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