September 9, 2017

We had a productive rehearsal Saturday morning, and it sounds as if some solid individual practice is being done outside of rehearsal.  We have two more sectional dates remaining so please make as much out of the time with your sectional coaches as you can!

At this point we have something to work on in every piece, so rather than give you the notes on each song, your "assignment" this week is to go back to the previous rehearsal notes and specifically the YouTube links Mr. Armerding provided and get familiar with our pieces.  You will be able to identify where you individually need most work, but with so much music to learn we can almost count that we won't be able to rehearse at least one of the pieces each Saturday, at least until we can play through them and get closer to our end-of-semester performances.  So please use those helpful links Mr. Armerding gathered (and any other relevant ones you are able to find, like the original versions of the arrangements we are playing, for example) and play with more confidence this Saturday.  PLEASE PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO ANY 'SOLO' OR 'SOLI' MARKED PASSAGES!

As a closing note for this week's rehearsal notes, please remember two things about being a member of the Junior Symphony:

  • Be the best ambassadors for our program and our efforts.... be outstanding and helpful in your school ensembles, help others that need guidance and be responsible and carry yourself with honor.  You are members of the top middle school ensemble in our program!
  • Use the break time to get to know people in your section and in our orchestra.  I know we've had some things we needed to do during recent breaks (t-shirt sizing, luminaria distribution, luminaria quality check, etc.), but please don't let anyone in our orchestra feel unwelcome or left out.  Make it a goal to meet at least one new person every Saturday, and make our orchestra even stronger!

Thanks for your focus and concentration in rehearsal.  Not that anyone is counting, but we have 9 (nine!) rehearsals left before our first performance at LBJ Middle School (tour performance).  GO LISTEN TO YOUTUBE AND THEN PRACTICE!!!!  


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