String Chair Audition Results - Spring 2016

Congratulations on your chair auditions!

Violin 1
James Jarrett, Concertmaster
Sara Albanna
Lauren Kiesel
Bryn Frye-Mason
Nate Byram
Liam Paul
Daria Hofmann
Elana Wallach
Vincent Thomas
Vanessa Jiron
Jade Lucero
Kelsey Hayes

Violin 2
Justice Hawley
Madeline Murphy
Rachel Walkup
Julia Kim
Zack Scranton
Anna Lee
Monse Rodriguez-Rico
Alex Lee
Chester Otero
Marisol Struck
Jahnesta Killen
Khushi Singh

Garrett Frye-Mason
Luis DeVargas
Jaiden Norton
Isabella Twocrow
Haneen Amer
Elexis Panas
Jordan Minke
Irisa Wing-Matier
Julia King
Santiago Saenz

Zea Rose
Elton Betsch
Hannah Austin
Tawni George
Tatum Heller
Ellie Edwards
Kyrie Osborne
Lin Tu
Chris Valverde
Reed Ridens
Alanah Harley

Aaron Begay
Liam Carney
Genevieve Harris
Laney Tuttle


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