SURVEY - YS Hosting the AOTEA Youth Symphony

Hello YS Parents and Students:

We have had the invitation from our Australian Tour Company (United World Tours) to host the AOTEA Youth Symphony from Auckland, New Zealand. They will be traveling to Albuquerque with 46 students, arriving April15 and leaving April 18, 2020. This is the week and a half before our concert in April. We have been asked to provide host families to house 2 (or more) students each, which would require approximately 13 families to volunteer to host.

For those of you students that were hosted by families in Sydney, you know just how very special this experience was not only for you, but also for our Australian hosts. All of our students said that the homestays were the best part of the Australian tour! It was a treat to live in an Australian home, visit Austrialian restaurants, eat Australian food, and visit Australian places with the host family. I would like to be able to offer the same generosity and experience to the New Zealand musicians. It would be a special time for your family as well as for them. What a wonderful opportunity to create friendships with youth symphony students in New Zealand!

The hosting would entail you picking up the AOTEA student from AYSP late in the afternoon each day, hosting them for the evening and overnight, then returning them to AYSP the next morning. The AOTEA students will be meeting their bus at AYSP each morning, setting out for the day on local sightseeing and touring, then returning back to AYSP late in the afternoon. In addition, I will be planning an evening event for all of us at AYSP facility, possibly a side by side rehearsal or reading session and potluck, one of the evenings during their visit.

If you are available and willing to host 2 students (or 3, or more, if you have the bedroom space) please email me at by Monday morning so I may let the tour agency know right away in the new week. Please put AOTEA HOST in the subject line. If we get 13 familes available to host, I will finalize all of the details with the tour agency and update you when I am able.

Thank you for considering and representing New Mexico so well.

Have a wonderful Monday off and I will see you Monday night at rehearsal!


Ms. Siverson


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