Upcoming rehearsal Wed., Apr.1,'20

Hello everyone!


Only one more day until we can all see each others' faces again!  I miss you all very much and it is so good to be able to have a way to see each other.  My grandchildren in Montana and Washington State are in full swing with programs from their amazing teachers.  I know there are some bumps along the way but I hope it will be working well for all of you when it gets out on line formally.  Anyway, I am looking forward to getting together and hope it will work for the duration!

For Wednesday April 1st

Oh no! April Fools' Day!   No fools on our meet-up, but would love to hear if any shenanigans were afoot!

On a "serious" note:  Let's all to wear funny hats!   Go into your cupboards, drawers and activity centers and see what you can come up with!  You can make one from scratch or decorate one you already have.  Last week Ms. Blocker-Price suggested pajamas too, but that was before we knew we were in this for the duration.  So let's spread this out a bit, and save the pj's for another time.  

On a real serious note:  I would like to have a platform for each student to be able to play for me at some point in these coming weeks.  Here is what I propose; perhaps this will work for you. 

1  Contact me via text 505-604-4401  about two days before to set up a 15-20 minute window  so I have something to work around with other students and my own grandchildren                    2  Invite me via Zoom on my email  gloria @aysmusic.org to join you with your chosen music on stand and a pencil handy                                                                                                              3  We will adjust our listening and viewing and then I would like to hear the chosen piece.  I will ask if it's okay to make some suggestions, and will offer one or two if okay.                                  4  That's it.... and we can chat a bit after.  Feel free to be involved at whatever level you and your student choose

I will be sure to remind the students that I am not their private teacher and will offer no assignments, only suggestions.  I don't want to add to any stress and insecurities that may be in place because of this new situation.  My daughters have related some unease communicated to them from their own children and we all are aware that their social lives have been flip-flopped in a notable way.  I am hoping this connection will be as needed and valuable for them as I know it is for me!

With virtual hugs and squeezes for each and every Prepper!

Ms, V



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