We are quickly approaching Luminaria Delivery Day on December 3, 2016. Before then there are a number of items that need your immediate attention.

The final Luminaria Calling Party will be held on November 19, 2016 from 1:00pm to 5:00pm at the AYSP building.

Food and dessert will be provided! It is imperative that we have a great turn-out in order to make a significant number of extra sales. Bring your own phones. The amount you earn for each dozen you sell increases as we all sell more. Last year, students earned half the cost of the tour through their Luminaria sales. As of today, close to 2,000 established customers have not been contacted by the students. These customers need to be contacted. If the student cannot attend Saturday's calling party but would like to pick up more customer forms, please contact us at anais@swcp.com. Remember that the absolute deadline for selling is Monday, November 21st.

Sales Packets are past due. It is critical that you turn your sales packets in immediately.

This is for both completed and uncompleted orders. Students who opted in to the Luminaria fundraiser agreed to call all customers as assigned. Completed order sheets must be returned by November 21, 2016. There will be no exceptions.

Folded bags have not been returned by a number of students and are past due.

Please return folded bags to AYSP now. All students in YS, YO and YCO are required to fold bags.

Workhouse sign-up sheets are available at the AYSP office.

If you have not signed up by November 21, participating students will be assigned a workhouse.

Please put Saturday on your schedule for our final push!

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